Freitag, 20. Juli 2012


Another Summer gift swap arrived! Or better said a letter that told me I could get it at the "Zollamt" - somewhere
in the middle of nowhere. It took me two hours but if you know german bureaucracy, the most I was waiting. When
it was my turn, the bearded old man behind the desk was very friendly and funny. We unpacked my little package
from Olga together (he was so kind and let me open it by myself) and looked at all the beautiful small things she
sent me!!! "Oh - how beautifully made", he said and called it "little box of marvellous little things"!!!

Dear Olga, I really love what you sent me, it is so true, a little box of wonderful beauty!!! Thank you so much, there
will be something in return soon!


  1. What a beautiful parcel you received!
    And a funny story with the postman to remember!!

  2. Oh what a box of treasures. And a great story to go with - bless the kind guy from the Zollamt. I'm so happy to see these first gifts popping up on the blogs!

  3. floweri in a ring!? how pretty.
    i am amazed by olga's artistic talent.

  4. dear barbara,
    i am so happy
    you liked it

    and the story
    oh, my.

  5. the package looks fantastic! wow! so full of beautiful details :)
    lucky girl!

  6. How gorgeous, what a beautiful package to receive...
    Ronnie xo

  7. Obviously a lot of thought went into making this package for you.Lovely!


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