Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Snail mail from Vienna.

Today I got a beautiful surprise in the mailbox: a letter from dear Claudia! She sent me a variation of wonderful
smelling teas (oh, the whole envelope was smelling like crazy, I wish, you could smell it too!), personalized cards
& this lovely fabric made by herself with a print of one of my hugest & most loved plants I ever had, the monstera!

♥ So many thanks to you, Claudia! You will find a package too in your mail soon, but give me some time! I want to
do it right & nice! At the moment there is a very hectic period in my life! So be patient, it will be worth it! ♥


  1. How wonderful! It's always lovely to get little suprises in the mail,especially when they are this well thought out.

  2. Oh! Great mail! Claudia always sends the most wonderful packages.

  3. Ich freu mich, dass das Päckchen heil bei dir angekommen ist und du Freude damit hast! Nur kein Stress wegen dem Zurückschreiben! Schönes Wochenende!


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