Sonntag, 24. März 2013


Finally some sun for my plants and once again, snailmail from dear Claudia arrived at my mailbox! She spoiled
me with a great collection of her handmade cards and some different teas, which is pretty welcome, because I am currently feasting fasting on coffee and there can't never be enough tea around!
Did you choose to feast fast on anything this feasting season fasting period (sometimes you should loke up certain
terms - sorry!)? I am really curious, because I met a lot of people who can not understand why I am doing this.


  1. I would love to own a Monstera one day! Amazing plants..
    I'm into blueberry tea at the moment. Can't get enough.

  2. Deine Monstera ist echt schon ein Monster :)

  3. Dear Barbara thank you so much for the mail!! Me happy :)
    So funny you're going to Thailand too! We're going on april 27th so we'll miss eachother...

  4. I don´t eat meat on fridays until Easter because although i am not an active catholic,my parents are, and i do it out of respect to them.I also think that the idea of feasting can be very productive because it induces you in meditation about your daily habits and what matters the most :)

    beautiful letter from Claudia!*

  5. what's a feasting season!!??

    i'm waiting for the sun, down here in south-west england.... :)

  6. Have a great time too in Thailand!! Can't wait to hear your adventures!


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