Dienstag, 19. März 2013


This sunday I expected to be a first-season-fleamarket-sunday with lots of stalls and treasures. But then there was rain. There was rain the whole day. So instead of vintage finds I treated myself with a new plant: a Nepenthes.
Never had one, so I am pretty curious how it will grow. Does anybody of you out there has any experience with
this plant? Tips are welcome!


  1. Tolle Pflanze! Ich hätt sie auch schon fast mal gekauft. Ich hab bisher nur mit der Venus Fliegenfalle Erfahrungen gemacht und die brauchte viel Licht und Wasser. Wirst du sie aufhängen, damit sie sich gut entfalten kann?

  2. Oh nooooo, i hate it when you're looking really forward to a flea market and then the weather spoils the plans! But your plant is also a good catch! My bf's mom has one of those in her house, i know it stands on a very lightful spot.

  3. I never had one of those,it´s pretty!

  4. I only recently started becoming a plant addict, my experience doesn't reach much further then my Clivia, a hydrangia and baby geraniums at the moment. I do really like this plant though, is it a flesh eating kind?

  5. bellefleurdelis4. April 2013 um 08:11

    i think this one needs a high humidity, it's a lovely plants, enjoy your holiday!


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