Sonntag, 10. März 2013


Have to prepare a lot these days: home, plants, job applications. I thought, stress would vanish after my studies,
but it just changed color.

In these days, snail mail packages are always welcome: Dear Nina sent me another package, full of wonderful
things, dried spring flowers, handmade textiles and some lovely words! Thank you so much, Nina, there will be something in return soon!

I am really looking forward to next Sunday: Fleamarket season will reopen in our village for this year!
Can't wait to stroll around the wonderful treasures again!


  1. That sounds wonderful, flea market season!!!

  2. In my opinion there's always stress! No matter if you're studying or working, days just keep getting more busy with the years...
    I can't wait for the fleamarket to start again!! Well, the ones in open air that is!
    We had some nice days last weeks, but this morning we woke up with snow again...

  3. Ja, mit der Zeit ist es so eine Sache....
    Die Kakteen sind toll!!!

  4. The days are getting longer here in California. I can't wait for tomatoes, fruits, and other spring time deliciousness.

    The cacti are beautiful.

  5. Flea market season sounds so much fun! Hope you'll be sharing some treasures with us here :)

  6. flea market = my kind of paradise :)

    there is always stress,life gets in the way of living,i guess...
    i think we must make an effort to have some discipline in our daily life to make it easier for everything to work out well*


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